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All Time Greats

Top Pilots All Time (Flights Flown)
PilotCUB IDFlights Flown
Luis Angel Jimenez PenaCUB6191451237
Osmel De_Cardenas .CUB631915720
Samuel Remesal .CUB633353490
Hector D. Lazcano RiveroCUB644295407
Francisco Ramos .CUB643568394
Top Pilots All Time (Hours Flown)
PilotCUB IDHours Flown
Armando Lahera .CUB4345574577.02
Luis Angel Jimenez PenaCUB6191452340.38
Osmel De_Cardenas .CUB6319151612.51
Angel Hernandez .CUB6051201201.26
Samuel Remesal .CUB6333531199.36

Current Month Stats

Top Pilot for June 2021 (Flights Flown)
PilotCUB IDFlights
Samuel Remesal .CUB63335329
Francisco Ramos .CUB64356827
Luis Angel Jimenez PenaCUB61914525
Hector D. Lazcano RiveroCUB64429524
Abel Rodriguez .CUB64323822
Top Pilot for June 2021 (Hours Flown)
PilotCUB IDHours
Abel Rodriguez .CUB64323897
Osmany Sarmiento ToranzoCUB62815459
Samuel Remesal .CUB63335347
Francisco Ramos .CUB64356840
Hector D. Lazcano RiveroCUB64429539
Top Pilot for June 2021 (Miles Flown)
PilotCUB IDMiles
Osmany Sarmiento ToranzoCUB62815421955
Samuel Remesal .CUB63335319839
Ernesto Borges CabreraCUB51947916024
Abel Rodriguez .CUB64323814885
Hector D. Lazcano RiveroCUB64429514481

Historical Stats

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