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Alex Rojitas .'s Statistics

Name Alex Rojitas . Hours 18.18
Pilot ID CUB669794 Flights 11
Hub MUHA Distance Flown 4164 miles
Rank Primer Oficial Last Flight Today
Hire Date: 02/24/2022 Last Flight Date 05/29/2022

My Bio

Alex Rojitas . joined Cubana Virtual 95 days ago, and is based out of the MUHA hub. Alex Rojitas . was given the Pilot ID of CUB669794. Is currently holding a rank of Primer Oficial. CUB669794 currently has 11 flights totalling 18.18 flight hours. CUB669794 last flight was on May 29, 2022, Today. CUB669794 has a best landing landing of -126 with an average landing of -521. Also with a worst landing of -521. CUB669794 has earned $ 7, 320.01 since joining Cubana Virtual on February 24, 2022. has also earned 0 awards flying with Cubana Virtual. } ?>

Alex Rojitas . (Hired 95 days ago!)

Alex Rojitas .'s Landings Stats

Best Landing: -126
Average Landing: -521
Worst Landing: -1790

Awards (0)

Pilot has not earned any awatds yet. Maybe send him a reminder to fly.

PIREP's List (11)

Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Flight Time Submitted Status
CUH9794 SVMI MUHA B737-800 (CU-T3089) 04.01 05/29/2022 Accepted
CUH9794 MKJS SVMI B737-800 (CU-T3089) 02.17 05/24/2022 Accepted
CUH9794 MUHA MKJS B737-800 (CU-T3089) 01.31 05/22/2022 Accepted
CUH9794 MUCL MUHA B737-800 (CU-T3089) 00.41 05/22/2022 Rejected
CUH9794 MUHA MUCL B737-800 (CU-T3089) 00.49 05/18/2022 Accepted
CUH9794 MMUN MUHA B737-800 (CU-T3090) 01.10 05/13/2022 Accepted
CUH9794 MUCL MMUN B737-800 (CU-T3090) 01.57 05/06/2022 Accepted
CUH9794 MUCL MMUN B737-800 (CU-T3090) 01.57 05/06/2022 Accepted
CUH9794 MUCC MUCL B737-800 (CU-T3090) 01.09 05/05/2022 Accepted
CUH9794 MUHA MUCC B737-800 (CU-T3090) 01.09 05/04/2022 Accepted
CUH9794 MUCL MUHA B737-800 (CU-T3088) 00.39 04/29/2022 Rejected
CUH9794 MUHA MUCL B737-800 (CU-T3088) 00.42 04/27/2022 Accepted
CUB349 MUHA MUHG B737-800 (CU-T3098) 01.36 04/24/2022 Accepted
CUB206 MUCU MUHA B737-800 (CU-T3091) 01.53 04/08/2022 Rejected
CUB205 MUHA MUCU B737-800 (CU-T3091) 01.43 04/06/2022 Rejected

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